Transitional justice

Vojvodinian civic center develops all its project activities through three programs: Transitional justice, Informal education and Cultural exchange and youth activism.

  1. Transitional justice program consists of project that have a goal to improve today’s positions and life of war victims and to influence Serbia’s institutions to have more responsibility towards those people and war past in general. Currently VCC is working on two projects that are dealing with forced mobilizations in Vojvodina and banished Croatians. VCC is very active member of coalitions for REKOM from its foundation.

Oral history project called Untold stories consists of three separate projects.

–          Oral history of forcedly mobilized civilians (Stolen liberty)

–          Oral history of forcibly evicted Croatians from the territory of Vojvodina (Unwonted)

–          Oral history – Peace movements in Vojvodina (Don’t count on us)

And serial of 12 radio shows (Look backward, step forward) in the coproduction with public service broadcaster of Vojvodina.


Each of these projects implies collecting thousand or more personal stories by citizens who participated in some of the events during the ‘90s. All gathered data will be presented in printed publications and extra CDs with additional facts about these happenings, media reports and documentary film recorded during this process. During the past year VCC have been already working on collecting printed, audio and video materials that present some kind of testimony about happenings in the region during the ‘90s. We find these materials in all sorts of ways, but majority of our archive are assigned copies of publications by our partner organizations from Serbia, region and Europe. Long term goal is foundation of unique “Conflict media library” that would provide insight in wartime artifacts. Something like this currently does not exist in any county formed after fall of Yugoslavia. We believe that such multimedia archive can be very useful primarily to the young people, and then to all citizens interested in finding out something more about war happenings but chiefly about life and experience of persons who lived during war time. This archive will be significant information source to experts from country and the region, journalists, students, activists for human rights… Also, symbolic meaning of this library in Novi Sad is very important.

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