Non-formal education

Informal education program is consisted of two projects Educational form War crime trials in facts, primarily meant for law, journalism and political science students, has a goal to make trials in the Hague tribunal and war courts in the region more familiar and reachable. The second project is meant for high school students and VCC planes to realize it in high schools in Novi Sad with the approval, support and help by the city. In this project our goal is to educate third grade high school students about history and basis of human rights, stereotypes and discrimination, rights and obligations which they are getting by becoming legally adult. Similar project has been realized by Youth initiative for human rights in Belgrade under the name “Belgrade without violence”. VCC trainers have participated in this project by leading workshops in several high schools. By the same model of interactive workshops third grade high school students will get necessary knowledge about mentioned topics. Through its activities VCC encourages youth activism, especially youth mobility in the region, reminding on the great number of serious human right violations during the ‘90s and reacting on actual cases of human rights violations on the territory of Vojvodina.

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